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Watch what happens when a male lion roughhouses with cubs in the wild.

A lion family is having fun in this picture, but it looks like the mom lion is in charge! The mom lion scolded the dad lion for being too rough with their daughter. The daughter bit the dad’s lion’s tail for fun, but he claimed to be mad and held her down.





Jennifer Lockridge, a hobbyist photographer, took stunning pictures of two lions playing. Before getting into a playfight, Luke, the male lion, claimed not to notice that his cubs were looking at him. Sadly, their fun ended when the mother lion showed up and growled angrily at the boy. The scene was seen by 42-year-old Ms. Lockridge during a visit.





An individual was pleased to see a male lion named Luke playing with his lion cubs at a wildlife reserve. Within the sanctuary, there are seven cat cubs from two mothers. Their father, Luke, owns all of them. This was one of the first times Luke met his kids.



The cub Lusaka is five months old and loves to play. He is also very stubborn. It’s rare for her to go inside first, even when she’s called. Lusaka seems to love her father the most and is very close to him. It makes people think of how parents and children bond when they play together.

When the young lions get braver, they come up to Luke without fear and want to play. They don’t seem to mind when one of them nibbles on his tail; he doesn’t seem to mind. Little Lusaka often bites the tails of her brothers and even grown-up lions.

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