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The two adorable friends, a zebra and a rhino, who helped each other get better.

The truth is that baby animals are very cute. That’s not a reason for them to be friends, no matter what species they are. At the Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary in South Africa, two animals who shouldn’t be friends have a beautiful friendship.

Daisy, a baby rhino, was found alone in the wild and was in critical condition when she was brought to the sanctuary.Here is where Daisy and Modjadji meet and help each other get better. At the Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary in South Africa, an adorable odd couple is helping each other get better.Early in December, a one-day-old baby rhino was brought to the sanctuary. She was born with her umbilical cord still attached, and her name was Daisy.

“The SANParks team found and saved our newest arrival during a routine operation in the Kruger. She was only 12 hours old when she was brought in on Thursday afternoon. Her umbilical cord was still attached, so she couldn’t stand. She is very weak and very weakly protected. This little calf is fed every hour, all day and night. At this point, the team works in shifts to make sure that a caregiver is always with her. We have a very long way to go, but every rhino is important,” the Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary wrote on Facebook on December 11 along with several photos of the calf.

Since they got Daisy, the people who work at the Sanctuary have been working around the clock to make sure she stays healthy. Daisy’s immune system has become mostly broken without the colostrum from her mother’s milk.The baby might get sick because of this.

“This tiny rhino immediately made its way into our hearts. “She looked prehistoric with her big feet, droopy lips, and hairy ears, but she was so incredibly weak,” the Sanctuary wrote in a Facebook post on December 14. Daisy needs to stay in the Intensive Care Unit at the Sanctuary, get plasma transfusions and antibiotics, light exercise, and blankets to keep the calf warm.

But people are not the only things that help Daisy. Recently, the baby rhino made friends with another patient in the ICU.It’s a great relationship.It’s Modjadji, a baby zebra who was saved after bad weather. Shortly after the baby rhino was born, Modjadji began spending time with Daisy. He can often be seen cuddling and nuzzling the animal.

“She is friends with little Daisy and really helps her feel better. She is very kind to her, and the two already seem to be good friends.In a Facebook post on December 23, the Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary said that because of this great friendship, Daisy’s journey is no longer something to be afraid of as Modjadji works to get stronger while fighting illness.Because of this, the calf’s health and appetite have both gotten better in the past few weeks. So, she is getting better.

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