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The family can’t afford to buy a prom dress for the sister, so the brother makes her one.

Thanks, Asey Lu Filipino resident Francisco Oyao wasn’t able to find a dress for her senior night the year before. Even though their family wasn’t having a good financial year, her beloved and talented brother Maverick Francisco Oyao stepped in to help his sister go to the dance in style. The college student from Zamboanga City used his creativity and imagination to make a beautiful dress from scratch by drawing pictures of what it would look like.

The dress’s beautiful, hand-painted bodice, ornate crisscross pattern skirt, and puffy sleeves make it look like Maverick’s work was made for a princess. To finish this outfit, Maverick got help from people on Facebook who were following his progress on the social media site. People all over the world contributed things so that Maverick could make his sister’s wish come true.

This sweet story of brotherly love has been picked up by “Your Morning” and other foreign news sites since Maverick’s last update in February 2020.

People who have been following Maverick’s dress-making journey on Facebook since the start have been touched and amazed by his brother’s amazing work of love.

Eddie Confetti wrote on Facebook, “You have an amazing talent and a beautiful model to build upon,” after seeing Maverick’s finished work. “Things will go well for the two of you. Always remember where you came from and how great it is to be kind. People will know about you, and your skills will improve. People will fight over your clothes to wear them. Stay humble.

Maverick shared a “untold story of a loving kuya (older brother)” in a post from February 14, 2020, that was a mix of Filipino and English.

Another brother of Lu Asey says that when their high school mentioned the senior prom, she and her family knew they wouldn’t have enough money for a dress. The main reason Maverick felt upset about this was that his sister really wanted to go to the dance. In fact, she “insisted” on going to prom.

Then Maverick got to work. He used YouTube and Google to look for new ideas on the internet. For the college student, Filipino fashion designer Michael Cinco was a big source of ideas. Cinco is one of the most famous designers in Asia. He became famous after moving to Dubai from the Philippines in 1997. He has made dresses for famous people like Carrie Underwood, Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Britney Spears.

Anyone who cares about fashion will be impressed by Maverick’s hand-made outfit, even though he is a long way from Cinco’s fame and the red carpet. His Facebook fans could not deny that they saw how good he was.

“This is more than just a romantic gesture; it’s the most beautiful ball gown I have ever seen.” Because I enjoy this project so much, I give it a big thumbs up and a like. Carina Lynn replied to Maverick’s Facebook post, “I want to give you a big hug and tell you how proud I am of you.”

Despite all the praise and attention he has received, Maverick has remained humble, and he was quick to thank everyone for their help.

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