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This street photographer is interested in some strange coincidences.

When shooters are out on the streets, they can really test their skills. When shooters work in other types of art and settings, they know exactly what they want to capture on film. They know the style, the right amount of light, the sources, and a lot of other information about what to expect and how to check their settings. You never know what you’ll see on the streets, though. You’ll see the strangest things in the strangest places, giving you a short amount of time to change your settings and get a good picture of the scene.

There are going to be a lot of coincidences out there in the street. Coincidences are things that happen by chance and only last for a short time. Today we’re going to talk about the photographer Pau Buscató. He is very skilled and has a great eye for finding things in busy places. He finds all kinds of cool and funny accidents in the streets of cities. Buscató wants you to take a look into his world by showing you photos of some of the strangest and funniest accidents. Check out some of his great photos below by scrolling down.

More info & Photo courtesy: Pau BuscatóInstagram | Flickr

#1. Poking The Bubble.

#2. Rising From The Garbage Bin.

#3. Wait, Why Is He Taking A Block Off The Taxi?

#4. The Last One Has To Go.

#5. How Did It Get There?

#6. Dumped.

#7. Apple Can Wait, She Got The Banana.

#8. When You Get A Good Hairdo Done.

#9. Enlarged.

#10. Colors Pop.

#11. Smoky Hair.

#12. Books Do Complete A Man.

#13. A Perfectly Timed Shot.

#14. Completing The Arrow.

#15. He Eyes Her.

#16. This Dog Has Activated A New Face.

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