You are currently viewing Super Mom Can’t Be Stopped Even though it is very old, a grizzly bear welcomes its 17th cub! A sweet story about being a mother!

Super Mom Can’t Be Stopped Even though it is very old, a grizzly bear welcomes its 17th cub! A sweet story about being a mother!

Bear 399, a grizzly bear from Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park who is 24 years old, just gave birth to four cubs. This is very rare for bears because they usually only have two or three cubs. Bear 399 is popular now, even though she is older. She even has her own social media account because of this rare event.




Bear 399, a famous grizzly bear who is known for showing tourists her kids by the side of the road in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, has had her 17th baby. She is one of the oldest grizzlies that doesn’t live in a zoo. Grizzly bear moms usually don’t live past 26 years old in the wild. However, Bear 399, who is 24 years old, just had a new litter of four cubs, which is very unusual because bears usually only have two or three cubs at a time.



The famous brown bear mom, Grizzly 399, is known all over the world and even has her own Facebook and Twitter pages. In Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, she is famous for being seen with her family by the side of the road. So she could keep her cubs safe, she learned to stay away from male bears that could hurt them. She is one of the best known grizzly bear parents in history because of this plan. Beautiful pictures of 399’s new cubs show that they are doing well and will probably join the national park. About 750 grizzly bears live in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park, which is close by.





A mother bear and her four kids were photographed by Kate and Adam Rice, who are both very good at what they do. Adam, a park photographer, was shocked to see the bears. It is very uncommon for a bear to have four cubs, especially when the bears are very old. Kate said she and Adam had grown very fond of bears because of their job. Bear 399 likes being near people, but she is still a wild bear, so don’t get too close to her, especially when she has kids with her.



For those who are lucky, you might see a wild bear feeding in the grass near the road in a national park. Bear moms often raise their kids near the road to keep them safe from grizzly dads. Kate and Adam live in their own van. They are from Minnesota and like to stay close to the animals and places they love.



After seeing a grizzly bear up close for the first time, we became interested in them. We were taking pictures of marmots when all of a sudden we saw a big male grizzly bear walking right by us. “We got into wildlife photography for the first time in northern Minnesota,” Kate said. We fell in love with the Western United States on our wedding road trip to Yellowstone. Since then, we’ve gone on many more shooting trips to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.



“The big animal made us realise that we were no longer at the top of the food chain. We will never forget hiking in bear country, which made us very aware and always looking around. When we met Grizzly Bear 399 for the first time, we were amazed. She was born in 1996 and was first tagged by experts in 2001. It was big news in 2011 when 399 and her 5-year-old daughter 610 raised their cubs in the same area. Experts were surprised when 610 took in one of 399’s cubs and raised it to adulthood. This is thought to be the first time this behaviour has been reported.

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