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Studio Ghibli Shows Off Portable Humidifiers To Fight Dry Winters

Things can get hard in every season. Some places get very muggy in the summer, but they tend to be very dry in the winter. Some of the symptoms can be eased by using hand cream, but a fan will do a lot more to make the air in the home better. You no longer have to settle for a simple humidifier. A Japanese shop called Donguri Kyowakoku sells small room humidifiers that are based on movies by Studio Ghibli.

The tops of these small devices have models of well-known characters from four animated movies, and they all have a clever way to let out steam. Tonko from “My Neighbour” When the fan is on, Totoro seems to blow steam from his ocarina. While this is going on, Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service poses next to some mugs that will start steaming when the gadget is turned on.

Calicifer, the fire from Howl’s Moving Castle, is another one. In the picture, he’s heating up a pan of bacon and eggs. When the steam rises around the pan, it looks even hotter. Lastly, three birds are sitting in a tub at the Bathhouse of the Gods from Spirited Away. The tub gives off steam like a hot bath. All of these humidifiers can be charged with USB cords, which makes them simple to set up on desks and in small areas

Combat dry air with one of these whimsical Studio Ghibli room humidifiers.

They’re inspired by beloved animated films like My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki’s Delivery Service.

The steam rises through different openings in the tops.

Each device is charged via a USB cable.

As a result, they are easy to place in small spaces and cramped desktops.


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