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His owners found an African cat after getting lost and spending three days in the wild.

The word “handsome” comes from Spartacus, an African serval cat that weighs 40 pounds. The people who took him from a zoo moved him to Merrimack, New Hampshire, where he lives with them now. It’s important to know that his family officially owns him and even got permission from the state’s department.

Spartacus had just disappeared after the family dog scared him. The poor animal was so scared that it ran away. We are pleased to say that he has been found and is doing well.The dog didn’t want to come in last night. The front door was opened by my wife. The dog and the cat both jumped, which made him leave. Someone who owned the serval cat said, “He’s gone.”

Spartacus’ family went into the woods to look for their beloved cat, even though it was dark, because they were scared. They even told the police that their pet was stolen. The police officers found the task to be pretty hard because they didn’t know much about how serval cats look.

Haylie Gulino, who is in charge of animal control in Merrimack, had to show the police a picture of a serval cat so they could understand what one looked like. They didn’t know, so I had to show them a picture of how they usually look. That’s why, as I said, this area was unknown. Haylie said that it was strange for most of the people who live here.

After three days, Spartacus was found stuck near his home. He was lucky to be healthy, and he went back to his family. They were so happy to see their loyal serval cat again. Samaria is safe and warm at home. I personally can’t say thank you enough! People who own this cat wrote on Facebook, “I have a bond with this cat, and he is my person.”

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