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Must-See: Two brothers lions give each other a cute hug.

When you think of a male lion, you probably picture a single male with a full mane standing over his group of females with a sense of pride. Some lion packs, though, have two patriarchs who are usually brothers! To protect a group together, lion brothers must have very strong bonds, and this is clear at the Hogle Zoo in Utah.The zoo recently released a cute video showing the two lions hugging each other.

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The male lions at the zoo, whose names are Vulcan and Baron, spend a lot of time with each other. The zoo recently posted a video to their Tiktok page showing the two lions coming up to each other and giving each other a lion hug.

After their quick hug and kiss, the two lions stand up and walk around each other. Then one of them just flops down on his side, and the other one does the same thing right away. Rolling right into each other, the brothers lay down and hug for a few seconds before getting back up.

Vulcan and Baron live with three female lions on Lion Hill in the African Savannah area of the zoo. The Lion Hill has things like heated concrete and different grottos where the lions can go to get out of the weather. These things help the zoo keep the lions at a nice temperature all year long.

Other African animals are in the zoo’s African Savannah habitat, but they are in different exhibits. There are meerkats, zebras, porcupines, giraffes, ostriches, and many more animals to see.

When we see animals being kind to each other, it makes us care about them even more. Thanks to the zoo’s social media accounts, many people could see this amazing moment between these two lions. When you see something touching like a lion hug, remember to do what you can to help save wildlife, whether that’s by going to your local zoo, recycling, or giving money to a cause you care about.

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