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Broken things can be turned into silly art with googly eyes.

Have you heard of the art of “eye-bombing”? If not, allow me to explain. For the sole purpose of making other people happy, you slap googly eyes on odd things. People all over the world are following this strange trend, but today we’re focusing on Bulgaria.

Vanyu Krastev is a street artist who is very good at eye-bombing. Check out some of his most beautiful work below. You wouldn’t believe how much charm googly eyes can add to even the most boring things. Try it out, and let’s make some people happy!

It’s amazing how many different sizes of goofy eyes are out there. Different sizes and forms of these little peepers are found. They range from 4.8 mm to 76 mm. Most of the time, they’re made from a strong, clear plastic shell that can handle even the messiest projects.

A jet-black disc is inside its protective shell, free to move around in it without any problems.

The amazing range of colors these little miracles come in is truly amazing, and as you can see from these cute pictures, they have the uncanny ability to give any item its own personality!

Let me tell you something: goofy eyes are great! Really, have you looked at them for a long time? There’s something strange, funny, and fun about them! Simply put, they’re a real work of art in terms of fun and creativity. Put some plastic eyes on your next project and watch the magic happen!

People, hold on to your hats! We’re not just making stuff up. Keep reading to see even more amazing examples of how googly eyes can bring broken things back to life!

What Everyone Should Know About Ganderbombing, which is the artful act of putting googly eyes on odd things, is a great way to see things from a different point of view. This website’s goal is to spread joy around the world by pushing people to put these silly eye accessories anywhere they can think of. You can use eye-bombing to make your day more fun, whether you’re bored with your daily routine or just want to laugh.

Their explanation also makes it clear that eye-bombing is different from other types of street art because the artist isn’t trying to prove their worth through their work.

What follows is our open love for a new trend that has caught our attention: putting wiggly eyes on everything! That such a simple thing can make so many people happy is truly amazing. Who knew that putting those shaky little spheres on broken things could make such a difference? We’re crazy about this strange art form and can’t wait to see where it goes next!

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