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The Harvest Moon in September is also a Supermoon! Here’s what to do.

The fall season is almost here, and so is this year’s harvest moon, a bright light in the sky that shows the cozy season is coming! We call the full moon that happens closest to the first day of fall the “harvest moon.” It gets its name from the time of year when farmers in the northern hemisphere get ready to harvest their crops. One of the coolest things about the harvest moon is that it can sometimes look orange or even red.

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This year’s harvest moon is especially worth seeing because it is also a supermoon! That means it will be very close to Earth, which will make it look bigger and brighter than usual from our point of view.This is the last supermoon of the year, according to Business Insider.

So, how can you see this beautiful event in the sky? The harvest supermoon will be in the sky on Friday, September 29. This is according to Business Insider. The best time to see it is when the moon rises, because that’s when it will be the brightest and biggest. You can find out when the moon rises in your area by looking at the Old Farmer’s Almanac.
Some people think that the harvest supermoon is also important from an astrology point of view. Astrologer Kyle Thomas told People that since the moon will be in Aries, “our lives will be filled with the energy of this Cardinal Fire sign.”

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“We’ll be fired up to seize the day, make our own paths, and do what our egos want,” he said. “We won’t pay attention to other people’s ideas or plans. Instead, we’ll put our needs ahead of those of others.”

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