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A Russian woman and her big friend love to fish in the same boat together.

We know that bears love fish more than anything else. They love to hunt, which is often how they get food to eat. Bears like to eat fish the most.

But would a big bear and a man fish together in the same boat? But it’s based on real events!

This wonderful thing happened in Russia. It was between a woman named Veronika Dichka and Archie, a brown bear who was her friend.

These two great friends love each other very much and spend all of their time together. They also spend time together ‘fishing’ in a forest lake near their home in Novosibirsk.

When a wildlife park went out of business two years ago, Veronica saved Archie. She can’t let him go back into the wild, so she’s going to keep him as a pet.

Since then, she loved him very much. She made sure to give Archie a lot of her time. Now, they are so close that no one can pull them apart.

“We saved him from the adventure park, but he’s never lived in the wild before, so we can’t set him free. Veronika said, “He thinks of me as a member of his family. We eat together, he sleeps in my arms when he’s scared and hides behind me.”

What a great friendship. A photographer caught their unique bond on film. In the pictures, they are fishing together in a lake while sitting in a rowboat.

Veronica has her fishing rods ready and is waiting for a fish to bite the bait. Archie sits next to her and remembers how much he loves fishing. At one point, they happily hug each other.

We show you the most beautiful pictures we have of them getting fish. Have fun below! Don’t forget to tell your friends about it!

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