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Five times when funny birds were caught on camera.

Animals on the internet don’t just mess around with dogs and cats. Birds also have their fair share of funny times. Some birds, like ducks, chickens, and crows, can’t stop getting into trouble!

1. Some birds are always trying to outdo each other.

We all know that siblings can fight. When one of them does something great, the other has to do something even better. It seems that birds are the same way. Check out how these two funny and envious birds act when they want food.

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2. Well, maybe you should have kept better track of your pizza.

I want to say two important things about this. First of all, I’ll say that I’m not sure this is real. Second, did the pizza shop not make a single slice that was cut all the way through? How come?!

@.thenewwave♬ original sound – The New Wave

3. She wasn’t ready for all of that fun.

The old saying is about cats, but maybe it should also be about chickens. From what I’ve seen, chickens are just as interested as cats. They are also just as easy to scare, but I guess “scaredy-chicken” doesn’t sound as good.

@dailyfunmemesquad He was not prepared for that drop 😂. #animals #funny #viral #fyp #trending #memes #chickens ♬ original sound – DailyFunMemeSquad

4. That’s not exactly what they had in mind for retrievers

Breeders picked Labrador retrievers because they were athletic, good in the water, and good at retrieving. They are supposed to bring you ducks, but not like this. I think this type is much better, though.

@tharrison1016 When the duck thinks the dog belongs to him! 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ #labrador #duck #retriever #duckdog #pondlife #country ♬ original sound – THarrison1016

5. We can all understand how frustrating this is

When something inanimate doesn’t work right and you get angry, that rage is shared by everyone. No, it’s really true! Just look at this funny little bird to see what I mean.

@cid_notfound♬ original sound – Cedie

Seeing animals act silly is unquestionably funny, and it always makes me smile. Hope these funny, cheeky birds made you laugh, too.

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