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A sweet little baby elephant looks for a girl’s trunk!(A video)

I find animals to be very sweet and cute.

A baby animal of any kind is just too cute!

This poor baby elephant was saved by its mother when it fell into a 15-meter ditch on a tea farm. It was then taken to an Indian wildlife rehabilitation centre.

The people who worked at the refuge took good care of the elephant, who was sad at first but quickly got well and happy again.

The baby elephant is living with the other elephants in the refuge, making everyone who comes there smile and want to cuddle with it. People from other countries like this cute and cuddly animal.

Elephant calves love to take their time and look at everything around them.

The elephant uses its trunk to show how much shorter the girl’s “proboscis” is than its long trunk. Even though it doesn’t have a trunk, the elephant is in a hurry to find one with its long nose.

Even though the elephant was looking for the “trunk” in an unsuitable way, the girl seemed to be having a great time laughing.

The baby elephant may think the mother is a funny-shaped elephant.

Everyone fell in love with this cute baby elephant after this brave move. God’s beautiful creatures!!!

Think about how cool it would be to be close to elephants, especially young ones. They are amazing people.

Here is the link to the amazing moment:

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