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Japanese diver has been going to see his best friend fish for more than 25 years.

Everyone is confused by the diver’s strange bond with the fish, which differs from the bonds people usually have with dogs, cats, and farm animals. As if that wasn’t weird enough, daily-cuteness says these two strange friends have had this friendship for over 25 years.

A Japanese diver named Hiroyuki Arakawa was picked many years ago to watch over a torii, a sacred Shinto shrine. There are other torii like this in Japan, but this one was different. You can find them under Tateyama Bay. Because the spot was so important to him spiritually, Hiroyuki had to dive there a lot to check on it. The man had been doing this for so long that he knew even about sea creatures that were no longer alive. One fish that the diver really gets along with well is a wrasse named Yoriko.

It may sound strange, but Hiroyuki and Yoriko get along great and never run into each other again. Even though it seems crazy for a person to be dating a fish, science is said to have a theory to explain it. It was found that fish could remember the faces of people.

Dr. Cait Newport from Oxford University says, “scientists taught the fish to pick one by spitting their jets at that picture.” The fish were shown two pictures of faces of people. The experts decided to make it harder. The pictures turned black and white and the head shapes were evened out. You’d think it would drive the fish crazy. But no, 86% of the time, they got the known face right.

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