You are currently viewing Siberian cats take over a couple’s farm and turn it into a snowy “Catland.”

Siberian cats take over a couple’s farm and turn it into a snowy “Catland.”

Russian farmer Alla Lebedeva calls her farm a “Catland” where “a million, maybe more” Siberian cats live. She is known as the “Queen of Cat Ladies.” Lebedeva and her husband Sergey have been taking care of these beautiful cats for more than ten years in snowy Prigorodny, which is just outside of Barnaul in Siberia. The first cat they got was a lion-like cat called Babushka. In 2004, she had five ginger kittens. Since then, lots of furry friends have moved into the couple’s home. As Lebadeva says, the cats “protect the chickens and rabbits from rats and mice,” which means that living together is good for everyone.

Long-haired Siberian dogs are an old breed that has been around since the 1870s. They are known to be very smart. Their thick fur keeps them warm in cold weather, and their strong, quick bodies make them great for hunting. Lebedeva’s farm cats sleep in the henhouse, which has “three “little beds” where they can sleep however they want.” Lebedeva naturally loves to take pictures and videos of her pretty cats and often posts them on social media. People have often thought that the Siberian breed of cats were Norwegian Forest cats after seeing many of her posts that went popular. Lebedeva now wants to clear the air: these beautiful women are from Siberia.

These Siberian cats live on a farm in snowy Prigorodny, just outside Barnaul, Siberia.

Their owner, Alla Lebedeva claims she now has “a million, maybe more” living with her.

Their beautiful thick coats protect them from the freezing elements.

Their strong, agile bodies also make them ideal rodent hunters.

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