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A fisherman saved a deer that was dying six miles out to sea.

As Rob Kurdi and his friends fished in Long Island Sound, they saw something amazing: a moose desperately trying to stay afloat in the open ocean. After quickly figuring out what was going on with the helpless animal, these kind men were brave enough to start a dangerous rescue mission. They carefully brought their boat up to shore while tying the squirming deer to it. As a constant act of love, Kurdi even put on a life jacket and helped bring the deer to shore.

People who were close wrapped a warm blanket around the shaking deer to keep it warm. After a few hours, the deer slowly got better and finally started to move back to its normal environment.

That the fisherman really cared is a moving example of how important all life is. “Every life is precious, and I’m not going to see this animal die,” Kurdi said to emphasise his determination to save the deer from the dangerous water. He went on to say that the deer were dangerously close to going extinct. They said they couldn’t let it die. The only smart thing to do was to keep it.

This story about human compassion meeting the pain of a helpless animal reminds us of how deeply connected all living things are and how they can help people even when things are hard.

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