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A baby kangaroo who was left alone hugs and plays with his teddy bear.

Even though it might be hard to believe, study has shown that friendships have a big impact on our health and happiness. Because of this, everyone, including animals, needs friends. Even if the bond is with a stuffed animal, it can help someone feel at ease and get through hard times. Of course, it deserves to be loved and adored, too.

Meet Doodlebug, a young kangaroo who was left alone and now lives in the Northern Rivers part of Australia’s New South Wales state. He is cared for by Gillian Abbott, who helps animals get better. She and her son Tim Beshara, who works for Greens senator for Tasmania Peter Whish-Wilson, have cared for Doodlebug since they found him as a young child abandoned in the bush.

Doodlebug is an Eastern grey kangaroo, not a wallaby. No matter what kind of animal he is, Tim’s pictures of him holding a toy bear went viral and won everyone over. These pictures show how important a good hug can be, especially for a young wallaby.

“He may have fallen out of his mother’s pouch or his mother may have died,” Beshara told the Daily Mail. “He was just a few months old when he was given to my mother’s wildlife group, WIRES. Since then, she’s been taking care of it, and as the picture shows, it’s now hopping around the forest and coming back to eat or cuddle every now and then.

Doodlebug is old enough and healthy enough to go back to the wild, but he isn’t ready to do so yet without a little help from Abbott and her group. Abbott thought that Doodlebug needed a friend to help him feel better and grow up, just like a baby does. So, she gave him a soft toy bear to cuddle with.

They seem to respond to things in the same way that a child would. Abbott says that they treat it like a friend.

After losing his mother and home, it’s unsurprising that Doodlebug wants to hug his favorite bear. With the help of his bear, he will get better quickly and go back to the wild, where he belongs.

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