You are currently viewing 20 unusual succulents that look like they came from space

20 unusual succulents that look like they came from space

Our world is both beautiful and strange.

Think about plants as an example. They are easy to take care of and come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. Even though we’ve seen a lot of them, some of them are so strange that they look like they came from a science fiction movie. But if you ask us, that’s what makes them so beautiful! As you look at these 20 strange plants, you’re in for a great adventure.

1. One name for Faucaria felina is “tiger jaws.”

2. Haworthia cooperi looks like a bunch of small watermelons.

3. Fenestraria rhopalophylla, also known as “baby toes.”

4. Lithops rusticiorum.

5. Bunny succulents, also known as Monilaria obconica. They’re so cute, right?

6. Crassula umbellata, also known as “wine cup.”

7. The giant stapelia.

Lithops, also known as “living stone.” Even though their name says they look like rocks, they look more like brains or candy.

This Lapidaria margaretae would be better described as “living stone”

Conophytum calculus, but we like to call it a strange apple.

11. Conophytum pageae looks just like lips kissing!

12. Crested Senecio vitalis, also known as a mermaid’s tail.

13. Crested Myrtillocactus geometrizans, which looks like a rising cloud of smoke.

14. The succulent Greenovia dodrantalis, which chose to be a rose instead.

15. Trachyandra tortilis, which could pass for more than one crazy straw.

Euphorbia globosa, which seems to be waving!

Haworthia truncata, also called “horse’s teeth.”

Ceropegia bosseri, number 18. One Reddit user said it well: “It looks like someone planted the tail vertebrae of a cat.”

19. Concordia grass. Its waves couldn’t be any cuter.

20. Gasteria glomerata isn’t related to flamingos in any way, but it sure looks like one.

I can only think of one word: wow! It’s hard to believe that these are real! We live on a world with so many different kinds of things.

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