You are currently viewing When people try to ride him, the horse acts like he’s dead.

When people try to ride him, the horse acts like he’s dead.

Aristotle said that we can find happiness by developing our natures, which means accepting and improving who we are. This seems to be good advice for all living things, not just people. But one strange horse named Jingang seems too busy playing to go to Philosophy 101 class. This dramatic horse wants to do things that aren’t normal for horses and won’t follow the rules. Jingang sometimes acts like he is dead in a too dramatic way. It’s funny and shows that some animals would rather do nothing than work hard to earn their rewards, just like we people do.

Not all horses enjoy hard work…

More than 82,000 people watched Frasisco Zalasar’s video collection of the horse “dying” to escape his “chores.” 630,000 people also shared the film. People may be linked to Jingang’s pranks, especially on Mondays, if so many of them exist.

Jingang the horse acts like he is dying in a very dramatic way.

But horses aren’t as colorblind as people used to say they were. They can see purples and violets, but not greens and yellows.

This is because the horse doesn’t like being on a saddle.

If you want to know if a horse is male or female, look in its mouth: if it has 40 teeth, it’s male, and if it has 36 teeth, it’s female.

Jingang enjoys ‘horsing around’

But it sure doesn’t like hard work

It really is ‘cute but naughty’

Image credits: Frasisco Zalasar

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