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This baby giraffe still doesn’t know how to use his neck… And it’s so adorable!

Anyone who has tried to sleep on a plane knows this to be true… When you’re trying to sleep, it’s important to have support for your neck. When you add a couple of feet to the length of your neck, the math changes a bit. This was discovered by a baby giraffe at Tanganyika Wildlife Park in Kansas while it was trying to sleep. The results are both cute and funny.

It’s hard to be a baby giraffe! You spend a lot of time stumbling around uncomfortably learning how to move those four skinny legs, and by the time you get the hang of “walking,” you will be completely worn out.

The problem is that it’s not easy to get used to that long neck either.

This cute baby giraffe had difficulty finding out what to do with his long neck while taking a short break. At just 12 hours old, you can’t blame him for not understanding yet.

The video shows the little guy slowly falling asleep while his head is still up. But when he starts to fall asleep, his head slowly falls back or to the side.

People had a lot of stupid things to say about the baby giraffe’s situation. TikTok user rheababy27 said, “He needs one of those airplane neck pillows, but giant,” and user makeitwithmicah joked that he looked like “my dad in church.”

We have no doubt that the movie will make you happy. The original video shared on Tanganyika Wildlife Park’s TikTok account got 7.1 million views! You can look at the examples below:

@tanganyikawildlifepark At 12 hours old, this cutie is still getting used to that long neck 🦒 #giraffe #babygiraffe #giraffes #babyanimals #funnyanimals #fyp ♬ Baby Elephant Walk – Henry Mancini

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