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See how a brave baby elephant fights a wild buffalo.

The young elephant tried to scare the big buffalo bull away. The buffalo charged the elephant, but its huge horns quickly threw it into the air. Conrad Cramer, a wildlife guide, took a video of what happened. The little elephant learned an important lesson without getting hurt. The other elephants didn’t mind what happened because they saw it as a normal part of growing up.


elephant and buffalo

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In South Africa’s Addo Elephant National Park, a calf that was too sure of itself showed up among a group of elephants that were relaxing at the Spekboom lake. A bigger buffalo was moving towards the calf, which wanted to join the rest of the group.


elephant and buffalo

When the adult elephants ignored the young elephant drinking with them, the young elephant thought it could scare a buffalo by charging at it, even though it was smaller. The bull didn’t run away, though.


elephant and buffalo

In South Africa, a big bull waited carefully until a baby elephant was close enough to attack. The bull then hit the elephant with its huge, pointed head. The leg was thrown into the air and then hit the ground hard. It looked like the bull wasn’t scared.


elephant and buffalo

Before he could turn around and go back, the young elephant changed his mind. Suddenly, the young elephant’s unplanned enemies met. His body twisted terribly, and he fell to the grass in shame. The calf didn’t get hurt too badly, but his pride was hurt, so he hid under his mother for the rest of the day.


elephant and buffalo


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