You are currently viewing Seal, who is cute and old, got a big ice and fish cake for his 31st birthday.

Seal, who is cute and old, got a big ice and fish cake for his 31st birthday.

This past weekend, Yulelogs, the cute seal, turned 31 years old. His goal was to make it a day that all of his friends would remember. The best present a seal could ever get was given to this handsome birthday boy. What does that mean? A unique birthday cake made of fish and ice!

Male grey seals don’t usually live past 25 years, but Yulelogs is still a healthy, happy, and feisty senior. He is still healthy. When the seal was a puppy in 1989, he was taken to a marine park. As part of their exhibit on gray seals, he lived in the park for many years.

After four years, the park closed the exhibit and let the Yulelogs go back into the wild. There is a sanctuary for seals in Cornwall, England, where Yulelogs have lived briefly in the wild since 1993.

Because he was held captive for so long, he was never ready to take care of himself later on. He’s used to the people who make him happy. They began to chase the men on the beach who were holding the buckets. He thought that the buckets were full of tasty fish. This behaviour was reported to the RSPCA, and they were contacted right away by The Seal Sanctuary.

The Yulelogs went to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary about three months later and have been eating fish happily ever since. From what you can see, he really likes the easy life at the sanctuary.

The wonderful fish birthday cake Yulelogs got for his birthday made him very happy. He smiled as big as he could and replied with happiness and excitement.

For him, that birthday cake was a tasty treat. The Yulelogs had a great time figuring out how to get to the tasty fish. “It also makes him smarter because he has to think about how to get the fish out of the cake!”A worker at the sanctuary told the dodo what was going on.

But Yulelogs is sure it will be the best birthday present they can give. We’re sure he’s already excited about his birthday party next year too!

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