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The “Squirrel Whisperer” turns her house into “The Wildlife Drive Through Window.”

People often feed birds and mice in their backyards, but this woman does it better than most. Her YouTube account is called “Squirrels at the window,” and her movies are so much fun! She has made a safe place for many animals because she spends time and energy caring for them outside her house.

“One day, we gave an almond to a squirrel that was passing by our window, and the next day, that squirrel came up to our window looking for more food,” she wrote in the description of her YouTube account. “Now, 4 years later, about 30 birds, squirrels, chipmunks, rats, foxes, and other animals come to our window. One of my readers said, “It’s like the wildlife drive-through window.”

You can watch more than 200 movies on this good channel, but I’ve picked out five of my favorites for you to watch right now.

1. She’s not only there to feed the squirrels, but also to listen to them.

2. Only getting one piece of food? So cool. Getting a whole charcuterie board with veggies and nuts on it? The dream of every squirrel.

3. This squirrel threw the coconut away when it was given to her, but then she gave it another chance.

4. Ever wonder what kind of nut a squirrel likes best?

5.When Cutie the squirrel is excited about food, she acts in the cutest way.

Because so many people watch this woman’s videos and send her money, she can help these animals even more than she could if she did it all by herself. Her movies are not only fun to watch, but they also help people learn more about the animals in their area. Also, seeing someone care so much about animals is always a good sign.

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