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The puma that was saved lives as a house cat because it can’t go back into the wild.

A Russian pair has a wonderful partner who lives with them. He is a Puma, and his size and height are both big. “Messi” is the name of the most famous football player in history.

Maria and Aleksandr Dmitriev first saw Messi, a beautiful puma, at the Penza Saransk Zoo. This cat was eight months old at the time.

Messi was born at the zoo, along with two other cubs. Suarez and Neymar are the names of the other two. To honour the Russian city, the names were also taken from well-known stars. When Messi was only three months old, he was sold to the Saransk Zoo. Messi had been sick for a while at that point.

At first look, Maria and Aleksandr fell in love with Puma. At that point, they chose to take Puma in as their own. So they went to the zoo and asked them to buy him.

“Alexander, who is 38, has always wanted a big cat,” says his wife Maria. She didn’t think Alexander would ever want to take Puma in as his own pet.

It’s against the law to keep a puma as a pet. That is not right. But they took the puma in because they thought it was their job to protect it.

Maria, who is 28 years old, told the Mirror, “We thought hard for three days about whether it was moral to have a puma and whether it made sense to have one. But nothing could stop what we suddenly wanted.So, we went to the zoo and began talking about buying Messi. “When they said yes, we were surprised,” she said.

Because Puma needed medical help, these two worked very hard. Mariya said, “He was very weak and needed a lot of attention.”

Since Messi is sick, he needs to be looked after carefully. He should also work out at the right time. Because of this, Mariya bought him a belt and a special coat to wear on walks.

Messi started going for walks with the two of them slowly at first. Before that, Puma hadn’t done anything. Since he was taken for a walk, Messi has been very busy. In an interview with RT, Aleksandr said, “Now we walk twice a day, which is how it should be. In this way, it’s not too different from having a dog.”

After a while, they found a place where they could train Messi. “By how he behaved, he convinced us that he is a full member of our family and does nothing bad except for a few small pranks. “He is very nice and likes to be with people,” said Aleksandr.

Aleksandr says, “He gets along with people very well.” Messi is a star for the whole world, not just for his parents. He also has 1.8 million YouTube fans and 600,000 people who follow him on Instagram.

Image – l_am_puma

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