You are currently viewing “Instagram vs. Reality” shows what’s really going on behind those unrealistically “perfect” photos.

“Instagram vs. Reality” shows what’s really going on behind those unrealistically “perfect” photos.

We all know that most people on social media want to show the best version of themselves. They want to pick the best pictures to show other people. Some people, though, have taken this idea way too far. They’ve told their fans things that aren’t true at all. Fans worry about meeting their unrealistic standards of beauty, which hurts their mental health and self-esteem.

The “perfect” famous photos you see on Instagram are not at all the casual pictures they look like.

Luckily, some people have seen the issue and are working to expose the fake idea that’s going on behind the scenes. We have a funny and shocking movie by YouTube star Ethan Klein that shows how real some of the most popular influencers really are.

Before the “everyday” picture is posted on social media, hours are spent on make-up, poses that look good, and editing of all kinds.

Ethan makes fun of the obvious tricks that some of these leaders use every day. What you see online isn’t always true, and you should never feel bad about yourself when you compare yourself to these people. They’re not what they say they are!

“I can’t believe how different they are!” “People, don’t believe what you see on Instagram”

Seeing the real side of popular people we look up to can be very refreshing after seeing all the polished pictures of them we see every day. When social media first came out, it let us see what was going on behind the scenes. Sadly, though, most celebrity social media accounts are now run by teams of advisors and managers who won’t post anything until it’s been properly checked out.

“Excuse me…?”

Because even though we love, respect, and even idolize some people, we still want to know that they are just like us. Magazines with covers like “Cameron Diaz without Make-up” or “Beyoncé’s Acne Problem” always sell well because they let people see what’s really going on behind the scenes. But maybe it would be cooler if there were fewer lies and illusions.

“This is for the boys out here. “Magazines are just a trick”

“A picture for the Good American program. You might think of Photoshop, but maybe on a more professional level “

“Lips fillers at Instagram vs. Paparazzi”

“Instagrammers are ruining the super bloom in California”

“Kylie Jenner (on Instagram and TV the same day)”

“That moment when your eyebrow pokes out of your hat”

“Body so hot that the Colosseum and the fence warp”

“The official White House portrait of Melania Trump”

“Calf day wasn’t on the plan at all”

“Wait, do we feel bad about our hand lines now?” I wasn’t told. I’ve been showing them off in public like a jerk!”

“Who are these folks?”

“Makeup artist shows what FaceTune can really do”

“Make sure your friends also use Photoshop.”

“I’m 29 years old, and until I found this sub, I thought the “no pore look” was just great makeup. I feel silly and relieved now.”

“A picture on Instagram and an interview two weeks apart”

“Her own Instagram photo vs. tagged photo—it was quickly taken off the tags”

“Your face lost 20 kgs?”


“The Red Carpet vs. Instagram”

“I looked up to her all the time”

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