You are currently viewing Celebrity photos are edited using today’s influencer beauty standards.

Celebrity photos are edited using today’s influencer beauty standards.

A society’s perceptions of beauty can occasionally shift. History shows that the notions of beauty have changed in very noticeable ways over the years. With the widespread appeal and use of such beauty techniques, the present beauty standards are clearly obvious after a number of changes. Every person on the planet is influenced and made possible to experience pop culture in real time by social media.

These alterations were noticed and used as inspiration for creative artwork. The ‘Goddess Women’ Instagram page’s creator performed some incredible alterations to pictures of famous people. However, these are not your typical edits; instead, the intention behind them was to incorporate contemporary aesthetic standards. You might not yet be aware of the purpose of this initiative. Do not fear; we have provided a few of her cool updates to this post for your convenience. To see them, scroll down and look below!

More info & Photo courtesy: Goddess Women

#1. Nicole Kidman And Tom Cruise

#2. Kate Winslet

#3. Jennifer Aniston

#4. Dakota Johnson And Jamie Dornan

#5. Miranda Kerr

#6. Emma Watson

#7. Angelina Jolie

#8. Dakota Johnson

#9. Jennifer Aniston

#10. Adele

#11 Cameron Diaz

#12 Irina Shayk

#13 Jessica Alba

#14 Megan Fox

#15 Keira Knightley

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