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Elephant Turns Away Visitors So Her Caretaker Can Sing Lullaby To Her Baby (video)

Elephants are beautiful animals. They are some of the only animals on Earth that make friends with people from different species. As this cute movie from a Thai animal sanctuary shows, they love music just as much as we do. In the video, elephant Faa Mai joined elephant caretaker Lek Chailert in singing a song to elephant Thong Ae, who had just been born.

Lek Chailert is a big fan of elephants. Because of this, the young woman set up an elephant rescue center in northern Thailand. Lek tells people at the Save Elephant Foundation about how amazing elephants are, and she talks about her best friend Faa Mai.

The Save Elephant Foundation says that Faa Mai’s name means “new day.”

She was the first elephant to be born at the Elephant Rescue Center. On the Elephant Nature Park website, it says that when she was born, the organization’s goal of saving elephants got a fresh start. She and Lek have always been very close.

Lek isn’t afraid to get close to elephants, even though some people might be. She knows this beautiful girl is a kind giant because she helped raise Faa Mai. Every day, they cuddle up, smile for pictures, and sing together.

Faa Mai does not want to keep Lek’s love all to herself. The elephant recently took in little Thong Ae and is now taking care of her. Because of this, Faa Mai told Lek to stop talking to guests so he could see Thong Ae.

At first, Lek didn’t know what was going on. Where did Faa Mai take her? Why did the elephant ask her to stop moving for a while? Once Lek saw Thong Ae standing there, she knew. Faa Mai asked Lek to help Thong Ae fall asleep. That elephant mother is so kind.

This video shows the whole thing, including Faa Mai and Lek holding each other while Thong Ae slowly falls asleep.

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