You are currently viewing Discover the incredible armadillo lizard that resembles a tiny dragon!

Discover the incredible armadillo lizard that resembles a tiny dragon!

We’re sure you’ve heard about armadillo lizards if you’re interested in reptiles, particularly lizards.

These armadillo lizards, a type of strongly armed reptile native to South Africa, have sharp arms that run the length of their bodies, giving them the appearance of a dragon from a mediaeval fairy tale. The average length of these plants is three to four inches, but some can reach eight inches.

These lizards can be terrifying despite having adorable-looking spiky exteriors. Spike-encrusted armour covers the entire backside.

They curl up and bite their tails to guard their tender undersides when they sense danger. Additionally, they can stay coiled up for almost an hour. This defence mechanism protects the animal against predators like mongooses, huge birds, and snakes.

Most significantly, it gives them more time to enjoy the warmth of the sun.

With a yellow underside and a black pattern, their coloration can vary, but they are frequently light to dark brown.
These lizards have a lifespan of more than ten years and are one of the few kinds of reptiles that do not reproduce by depositing eggs.

These species are insect-eating carnivores that sustain their existence. Large families of armadillo lizards cohabit together. In the South African desert, they take refuge under rocks to avoid predators and the hostile environment.

The armadillo lizard’s beautiful look also draws the attention of hunters, yet they are quite simple to capture. Therefore, there is a hazard to the lizards’ population.

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