You are currently viewing A stray cat got into the lynx enclosure, and a zoo visitor caught the whole thing on video.

A stray cat got into the lynx enclosure, and a zoo visitor caught the whole thing on video.

In 2014, the staff at the St. Petersburg Zoo in Russia were shocked to find out that a kitten had moved in with some of the wilder animals a few years before.

The stray cat found a new friend and snuck into the lynx box, where it looked very happy.

That is right! Imagine how surprised both people who came to the zoo and the people who worked there would be if they looked into the lynx pen and saw a house cat living there.

When it was found out that the calico cat didn’t have a home, it was clear that she had found one. Time says that she not only loved having food and a safe place to stay, but she also became very close with the much bigger cat.

Even though the lynx is a lot bigger than the cat, the pictures show how close they are. The bigger animal is shown cuddling up to the calico cat, which even tries to climb up on her back.

When zoo workers saw the cat, they were scared, but they soon saw that there was nothing to worry about. After taking care of the stray cat, the bigger animal seems to love it a lot.

Since they were already friends, the zoo chose to let the calico stay. Since then, she has spent her whole life living next to the huge cat. Even though they are not the same size, they still like to cuddle and clean each other.

As soon as word spread quickly that a new animal had arrived at the zoo, everyone wanted to see the brave house cat who had decided she wanted to be raised by the wild animal. People who want to take pictures through the glass that separates the cats from the guests have gone a long way. The cat is no longer a baby but an adult house cat. She still loves her big friend just as much as she did when she was a kitten.

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