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A pit bull bravely to protect his family from a poisonous snake.

We all know that dogs are the most loyal and faithful pets that people can have. Nong Horm, a brave Pitbull puppy who was only two years old, showed this unwavering love by giving her life to protect her owner’s family from a deadly snake.

Many people think cobras are the most dangerous snakes in the world. Their poison can quickly kill even big animals. Horm, who was pregnant at the time, put her own family in danger to save them.

Suriyon Chanthakhet, the dog’s owner, praised Horm for being very determined and said that she would do anything to protect her family.

In Pathum Thani, Mr. Suriyon Janket shared a sad picture of his dog Horm lying still next to the dead snake.

Horm had met a four-foot-long snake in their front yard. Horm bravely fought the snake, and Suriyon’s son Buncherd held on to her until she died from her wounds.

Horm faced danger with courage and did a great job of it. Horm saw a snake hiding near the family’s chicken coop when she was three months pregnant. She bravely jumped on the snake out of reflex, which started a fight that ended in death.

Mr. Janket says that no one else was there when this scary event happened. It’s interesting to see that their local pit bull got to play when they needed him to. Later, Mr. Janket’s neighbors told him that a dead snake had been found in front of their house. When Mr. Janket got home, he saw the dead snake and his beloved dog Horm, both of which were still alive.

The loving picture of Mr. Janket hugging Horm shows how close they are to each other. He also said that his son had been sad about the death and had been thinking about their dear friend all night.

A lot of people read the touching post and sent their sympathy and support to the family. A lot of these people have dogs and know how special the bond is between people and their dogs.

Horm’s brave action shows how brave dogs can be when they are protecting their families from harm.

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