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After being mistreated for years, a disabled elephant walks for the first time with a prosthetic leg!

Elephants are big, wild animals. They are smarter than most animals and bigger and heavy than most others. When hungry or angry, they can be very dangerous, but only a few of them are nice and helpful.

Getting close to wild animals is nice, but you should be careful because sometimes bad things happen.

This story is about a poor elephant named Medo (Mae Do) who lives in Thailand and gets a wonderful gift. It’s indeed more than just a gift; it’s a new hope.

At the age of 8, this baby elephant was put to work. For the next four years, she carried logs in the woods near the border. Even though it’s not hard for elephants to pull things, there are many dangerous situations.

Same thing happened to this poor elephant. Unluckily, a big trunk fell on her and hurt her left back ankle very badly. Then, the wood company didn’t renew her contract. But her wounds were never taken care of, so the bone never healed right.

The problem got worse when Medo was forced to have babies with a big, mean elephant. Instead of just mating with her, he struck her and used his tusks to pin her to the ground. Bad Medo!

She screamed in pain, but no one was willing to risk getting close to the angry musth to help her. Medo was alone as he lay on the ground, bleeding and crying out in pain.

Medo’s life was in danger because of these major wounds, and she fought for it for three years. Medo spent the next 15 years living alone and working hard.

The elephant’s owners tried to hide her until the Elephant Nature Park saved her in June 2006.

But in the end, they said they would take her in. The vet found that her spine was out of place and that the wounds on her leg that hadn’t healed were making her back hurt.

This made it hard for Medo to move around and walk. But Mae Lanna, an elephant she had saved, became her best friend very quickly. Since then, Medo has been well taken care of because of how close they were.

In July 2022, Meadow got a prosthetic leg from the Association and Bionic Gentle Giants to help her keep her balance while walking and standing. This was made possible by improvements in her medical care and physical treatment. Yes, it was luck.

She was very happy with her new gift and hope. Her cute response to the prosthetic leg went viral on the internet and got a lot of people’s attention.

At first, her new leg felt a little strange, but she walked beautifully after that. The person in charge of the museum hoped that it would become part of her over time.

All of her suffering will be over for good. Her health is much better now, and she is having a good time with her friend.

People with good hearts gave her new hope.

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