You are currently viewing A mother duck with 56 ducklings was seen on a lake in Minnesota.

A mother duck with 56 ducklings was seen on a lake in Minnesota.

Brent Cizek, who takes pictures of animals, went to some lakes in northern Minnesota to take pictures. He wanted to take pictures of animals in their natural habitats that were up close. Brent didn’t know how close he would get in the end, though.

Cizek told MNN that it wasn’t the best choice because it was windy that day and the waves threw my boat in any direction. Even though I wasn’t likely to see much or even be able to take a picture in the rough sea, I decided to keep going.

After taking his little boat out on the lake for a ride, he drove it near the coast. Then he saw what looked like a bunch of them. As he got closer, he could see a mother duck and a few young ducks. Instead of just a few, the few become a few dozen.

“I had never seen anything like this before, so the closer I got, the faster my heart started beating,” said the shooter.As I got closer, the group started swimming back into the lake. Mama Merganser went out in front, and the rest of the group followed her. Since I knew this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance, I tried to take as many shots as I could right away, hoping one of them would work.

The amazing duck mother was soon followed by 56 ducklings, which was a shock. “I found one sharp picture that I just loved,” he says. “I posted the photo on social media as soon as I could because I knew it would do well there.” His picture didn’t have to be out for long before it became popular on social media.

But when I looked more closely, I saw that there were actually more. He said, “She must have picked up more babies along the way, because I could count 76 babies with her at that point.”It’s been wonderful. It will be sad when they finish their journey.

Most likely, that wasn’t just a single family with kids. Still, there is no doubt that this duck is the best mother of the year.

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