You are currently viewing A cute baby elephant splashes around with its mother in a Thai river.

A cute baby elephant splashes around with its mother in a Thai river.

There is a cute movie of a baby elephant having fun in the water with his mother watching over him. The cute video was taken in Khwaeng Khlong Maha Nak, Bangkok, a place whose mission is to protect and treat these magnificent animals in a humane way.

One happy baby elephant can play in the water in this cute movie by local cameraman Channarong Tom Srisa-ard, {28}. His mother is always close by. The little one jumps and rolls around, making splashes that make everyone happy.

It broke my heart to see this happen in an elephant conservation area, where the animals’ health and safety are very important. These steps make sure that elephants are treated fairly and will be safe for future generations.

A different film from the same area a few weeks ago showed an adult elephant showing a shy baby elephant how to have fun in the mud. The old, wise elephant liked rolling around in the mud while the young elephant watched and learned.

Steph Snowdon, a worker for Save the Asian Elephants who made another heartwarming video at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, shows a curious calf getting ready to enjoy the fun of wallowing in the mud. The calf runs after the adult elephant and happily flops down on the soft ground.

Little elephant babies having fun in their natural environment are captured in these cute movies. It warms my heart to see how lovingly their mothers care for them and how hard people are working to protect these amazing animals.

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