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A deer that was stuck in the middle of the ocean was saved by fishermen.

No one ever thinks they’ll see a deer when fishing, right? That really did happen to these tree fishermen while they were looking for lobsters out at sea, if you can believe it. The poor deer was lucky that it had a happy finish!

“Ryss & Stace” captain Ren Dorr and two other fishermen were about 5 miles off the coast of Maine when they saw a deer fighting to keep its head above water. The sailors were clearly shocked when they saw the deer. Without considering it, they jumped into the water to save it. Of course, saving the poor animal was very difficult because it was scared. But in the end, the fishers were able to get it on the boat and save the deer’s life.

As one of the fishers, Jared Thaxter, said, “They had to circle a few times to get a hold of the deer. They grabbed him by the spikes, maybe one or two legs, and just pushed him in.”

Once the fishermen brought the deer that was dying aboard safely, the boat crew went ashore to set it free in the wild. “It was worth the time and effort to save the deer,” the boat crew said. “Who can let a deer suffer like that when they can easily help?”

Later, the boat’s captain posted pictures of the amazing rescue on social media, and the post went viral quickly. “This cute deer was seen by fishermen five miles from the land.” They didn’t want this poor deer to drown at sea, so they brought him aboard and sailed him to land for half an hour. Then left him at the beach! And found their way back out to haul!”

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