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30 Funny Pictures That Prove It’s Risky To Come Out Of The Blanket

Are you going to stay home or hang out with your friends this weekend? So, if you did what you normally do and stayed home to sleep, that’s great! You can do that while having pretty dreamy things happen. But if you chose to go out with your friends, get ready for some rough weather! Can you picture a dog going to the bathroom on your feet while you try to take a lovely picture of yourself in your new dress? Again and again!! Putting on a dirty dress because someone threw a dirty ball at you? Had experiences like that, right? This post was written just for you!

Here are 30 pictures that we think show funny things that people have done before the storm. Also, let us know what you think!! Have a great weekend!!

#1 When Thor Shows Up

#2 A Beer Bath

#3 Really Mom?

#4 Went A Little Out Of The Way For A Selfie

#5 Woah, Check Him Out Girls

#6 Cheese…

#7 Oops That Must Have Been Painful

#8 Let’s Do It Again Dad

#9 A Human Bird

#10 I Think Something Went Wrong

#11 I’m Going To Pretend Like I’m Okay

#12 See You On The Other Side

#13 Sucha Hottie

#14 Beauty And The Beer

#15 It’s Cool

#16 Shower Before Flight

#17 Duking

#18 Looks Like It Headed This Way

#19 Just Realized It’s A Part Of Me

#20 Weeeee

#21 In Your Eyes!

#22 Run!

#23 I Believe I Can Fly…

#24 I Can Walk On Waters

#25 What’s Next?

#26 When Your About To Get Lucky

#27 Just Realized I Can Walk On Water

#28 A Pro Cyclist

#29 Which One Do I Save!!

#30 Diving Into Pain!

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