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An Incredible 3-Year-Old Poses Like Well-Known, Strong Women

It all started when Nonnie, Scout’s mother, was told she had breast cancer. When Nonnie began to lose hair, Scout became concerned, and I wanted to soothe her. I tried to tell her and myself that women are capable of fighting! We chose strong, influential women to teach her about the power of women.

Scout’s mother, Ashley Larson, came up with the idea and oversaw the technical parts of filming and editing. I then gave Scout a brief introduction to each person on our list.Next, we choose a photo to duplicate together. We spent about a year working on the project, from diagnosis to mastectomy.

Scout personally witnessed the strength of women. Thus, we continued shooting. After it was all over, we planned to create a picture book for Scout and Nonnie. We had some of Nonnie’s best friends with us, like Ellen. Additionally, we’re filming Scout’s Disney heroes!

“For Scout and me, the initiative was a lifesaver.” Having that to show my mother was priceless.”I believe that this initiative has taught me just as much as it has my child.” I want Scout to understand that women have just as much power as men do. I hope that women won’t be viewed as delicate and delicate by the time she is mature enough to understand the power she represents. And that Scout is happy with who she is and what she can become.

#1 Betty White And Scout
#2 Ellen Degeneres And Scout
#3 Emma Watson And Scout
#4 Adele And Scout
#5 Moana And Scout
#6 Carrie Fisher And Scout
#7 Scout And Frida
#8 Nonnie And Scout
#9 Malala And Scout
#10 Nonnie And Scout

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