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22 Times When The Background Is More Interesting Than The Subject

When we look at a picture, the center is usually what we notice first. It’s hard to know what will happen in a split second, even though we try to plan ahead before taking pictures. This is when you’re almost done taking a great picture, but then something or someone pops up and steals the show. Picture bombs are what we call them.

You are still the main subject of your picture, but being photobombed makes the moment even more memorable. No matter how bad they look, these pictures are one-of-a-kind and can be shared with family and friends.

We have put together some funny pictures where the background is the main subject, whether the photographer meant it to be that way or not. Get ready to have a great time as you scroll down.

#01 Hello Boy

#02 Oops!

#03 I’m Jealous

#04 Crash A Prom

#05 The Three Stages Of Most Relationships In One Photo

#06 Impressive Photobomb

#07 Hi There. I’m At The Back

#08 Whooo Hooo

#09 Tim Duncan’s Accidental Photobomb

#10 Hey Hey Little Boy

#11 Elmo Looks Like He Just Caught His Husband Cheating

#12 He Just Gives Himself A Sweet Kiss

#13 Raising The Bar On Pigtail Fashion

#14 The Best Pic Ever

#15 Cheeseee

#16 Sorry But It’s Hilarious

#17 Attack Of The Butterfly

#18 What A Coincidence

#19 Perfect Timing Selfie

#20 Woaaa

#21 Are You Guys Taking Selfies?

#22 What Was Happening In The Background?

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