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20 Times Tattoo Artists Did Great Jobs Hide Birthmarks and Scars

Some of you wear your scars like medals, we know that. They make you think of great times you had in the past. Remember things you may love. That’s too bad not all of us can do that. We sometimes get scars that are really embarrassing and that we’d rather forget about. What about birthmarks that you don’t want?

Thank goodness for tattoos and artists who can make anything look like anything else. Just look at these shots for real.

1. Are You A Scarfish? Very smart!

Camouflage for Childhood Home Burns. A phoenix tattoo is the best way to hide a burn.

03. Wow! This is the first tattoo I’ve seen that doesn’t hurt.

4. Another Flower Stitched. Looks great!

05. Paw Print Around the Mark? Cute!

06. I had laser scar removal for six years, but in the end I got a tattoo over my scars. It looks like it paid off well. So cute!

7. That was a nice reminder. I should also get one.

8. People, it’s a fish scale. Wait! It’s not called “Fish Skin,” is it?

9. A great tattoo that hides a scar from a C-section

10. One more fishbone? If that’s a thing, it looks more like the bones of a fish.

11. Another Way to Hide a Birthmark. Wow, these people are really skilled.

12. That tattoo really doesn’t let me see the scar. So cool!

13. Is being taken by aliens this common?

14. Cherry blossoms are being used to hide a scar from 40 years ago.

15. A 3D scar? That’s crazy!

16. Sometimes Do What Is Clear

17. I love this cover-up. He must feel like a swashbuckler right now.

18. Cover up old scars from self-harm. I hope he doesn’t have to lie about it again.

19. It’s Got to Feel Like Stitched Flowers

20. “Scotty, Beam Me Up”

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