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15 Pets Who Are Polite and Easy to Travel With

Seeing an animal on public transportation is becoming more normal, but it still gives us a thrill every time. A pastor’s life was saved when he gave a stranger his kidney.

There are times when you can’t move animals from point A to point B with cars, trucks, or trailers. That’s where planes, trains, and subways come in, and we think these furry seatmates are even cooler than their human counterparts.

1. “Bentley got to meet the Captain after our flight back home last night!”

2. Just a dog walker going to work.

3. “On a plane, I sat next to this happy little boy.”

4. Puppy’s first flying lesson seemed to be a lot of fun.

5. Hello from the land down under!

6. I don’t know if she’s old enough to travel by herself. You should check her ID.

7. At the same time, on a Rome, Italy, train…

8. She’s cute, and we love her!

9. “I asked to sit next to the most attractive guy on the plane.”

10.Your morning train ride would be better if you saw this friendly face when you got on.

11. “Four gifted koalas from Brisbane will be traveling in #KoalaClass.”

12. It’s just two friends taking a nap on the plane.

13. This kitten has never seen birds that are so big.

14. “A rescue dog that is tired and going to a permanent home gets its own seat on the ferry.”

15. “It looks like we’re now taking llamas on the Max. I guess… I’ll bring a few extra snacks with me the next time.”


Best seatmates of all time! We would pay more to sit next to these cute people. They don’t even spill their drinks in our laps, take their shoes off, or grab the armrest, which makes them the perfect trip companions.

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