You are currently viewing 12 pictures from the past that are hard to believe but show how far we’ve come

12 pictures from the past that are hard to believe but show how far we’ve come

It’s easy to think that the way things are now has always been the way they are. Sometimes, you must go back to remember where we all came from.

McKenzie was picked on, but you helped her get better.

These pictures will make you think about how people used to deal with problems in the past. People have always been good at making lemons into lemonade.

Here are 12 photos from the past that will make you realize how far we’ve come.

1. These firefighters were fighting fires with a spray helmet!

2. Candle stand, reading panel that can be moved… This is so smart!

3. People who wished a tasty drink out of a propane tank could use these.

4. Do you think there’s an app for that?

5. Hey, I guess they had to put the alcohol somewhere!

6. Holy crap! This cruise ship could have breakfast on the Titanic.

7. This one really surprised me. Just think about carrying that around in your pocket!

8. She seems as calm as can be!

9. I think these should be brought back.

10. Ring, bug! Wow!

11. At least you wouldn’t have to worry about broken stall doors.

12. Can you imagine if the person giving you a ride was a zebra?

We’ve come a long way, that’s for sure. But these pictures from history show how amazing it is that people can get things done. Even though we didn’t have the Internet or other modern devices, we could still get around, go to the bathroom, change our clothes, and drink a Coke.

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