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The kind man who brought back to life the ‘dead’ giant turtle

Wildlife encounters at the beach don’t always happen, but they’re bound to happen.Most sea turtles live in warmer places.Most of the time, though, they are told to give the animals some space.

One day, Miguel Angel Escobar and his family were in a boat off the coast of Honduras when they saw something that made their hearts stop for a moment. A giant turtle was seen at the water’s edge tangled in some tree roots further down the beach.”I thought she was dead,” Escobar said to The Dodo.”We really felt bad for her.”But the turtle wasn’t dead. She had just stopped hoping. But hope was on its way.

The turtle had been stuck there for a while, that was clear. So Escobar thought it was probably dead, but he still decided to look at it more closely. She didn’t move as he brought the boat to shore and walked up to her.”As soon as I touched her, she sighed and started moving her head,” Escobar said. And with that, Escobar went to work.

Escobar started cutting the stuck root until the turtle was too weak to break free.She was finally free after a short time. Escobar had kept her from dying. The turtle, which looked dead at first, turned into a ball of energy in an instant. Escobar said, “I thought the turtle would need to rest on the beach and get her strength back.””But she swam away right away, fast and strong, like she was jumping for joy.”She was given another chance. After hanging out near the beach for a while, the turtle swam out to deeper water.

Escobar thought the turtle got caught when it came to land to lay its eggs and went over the bluff along the coast. And now that she is free, more generations of her children will be born.”I’m glad I was able to help her,” Escobar said.”It Makes Me Feel Good.”

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