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The baby elephant follows her everywhere the rescuer goes, even to the couch (video).

Owner of the wildlife sanctuary Wild Is Life, the devoted Roxy Danckwerts, gives injured and abandoned animals a second chance at life.

This is excellent wherever it occurs, but Roxy is from Zimbabwe, which is in Africa. With the aid of her crew, she has recovered ostriches, giraffes, and even cheetahs! So what happens when a baby elephant is presented to them in 2016? After that, there is undoubtedly some chaos!

Moyo was a “tiny” young elephant when he came at the rescue, possibly only a few days old, according to BBC1. When he was found by himself, he was starving. The strong currents took him and his mother away after what appeared to be an attempt to cross the river with his herd.

Nobody knows how he survived, but he couldn’t go long without food and shelter. After being transferred to Roxy’s wildlife sanctuary, he restarted his life as an elephant in a house.

The video down below demonstrates how much he has grown. He’s lost his timidity, shown more curiosity, and gained weight. In order to maintain herd cohesiveness and survive in the wild, elephants need this trait. But it’s quite another thing when there’s an elephant in the kitchen!

A home with an elephant?

Anyone who has ever owned a large dog, such as a Great Dane or Saint Bernard, would attest to the fact that they can be somewhat problematic in households. Their heads dart across the table when they steal a morsel from someone’s plate. They lay out on the couch, leaving little place for anyone else.

The result is baby Moyo, who is five times bigger, more naughty, and behaves around the house like a dog. Dogs didn’t have trunks to hold their heads up when reaching! Moyo is slowly but surely destroying his beloved couch without even realizing it!

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