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Nearly too beautiful to be real: The Indian Giant Squirrel (5 photos)

A Malabar enormous squirrel was the first animal that shrew expert John Koprowsk observed when exploring India in 2006. They are also known as an Indian enormous squirrel, and what he saw shocked him.

He thought the creature looked too big to be a squirrel and more like a monkey. However, this big animal was just a very large squirrel and wasn’t a primate at all. They are twice as large as an eastern grey squirrel, with bodies that measure 36 inches from head to tail.

The Malabar giant squirrel has stunningly vibrant fur and is astoundingly large. It can also be black, brown, and orange in addition to maroon and purple. For mammals, the colors maroon and purple in particular are uncommon. Their striking hues and exquisite patterns make them visually appealing and enable them to survive in the wild.

According to Wikipedia, they consume fruit, flowers, nuts, and tree bark. In addition to eating meat and fish, certain subspecies also eat insects and bird eggs.

Since these huge squirrels are so nervous, the best way to observe them is to climb a tree, keep very quiet, and wait for them to leave their nest.

Thankfully, these wonderful animals aren’t in immediate danger of going extinct, but they will need to be protected. If they receive more protection and education, this species can thrive in the future.

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