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In California, a proud sea lion stands out from its smaller friends.

In Moss Landing, California, an amazing sight happened when a huge sea lion called a Steller sea lion hung out with its much smaller friends, the California sea lions. Even though they were very different sizes, one brave little sea lion tried to copy the royal pose of the bigger one. Let’s get into this amazing meeting!

The Steller sea lion, which is bigger than its peers, has been going to Moss Landing as a vacation place for a few years now. When it’s not looking for food, this beautiful animal sleeps on the busy dock. The California sea lions, who live here all year, are kind enough to make room for their bigger guest. Since they took over the Visitor’s Dock, the California sea lions were already a big draw for tourists. Now that the Steller sea lion has arrived, things are even more exciting. Lots of people are surprised by how much bigger the Steller is than the others.

Shelbi Stoudt, who is in charge of strandings and data at The Marine Mammal Centre, says that this Steller sea lion was first seen in March 2011. Since then, it has come back every year to spend a few weeks with the California sea lions on the same dock. Some Steller sea lions rest with California sea lions, but not often. There is a different Steller colony about 40 miles away. Stoudt thinks this Steller sea lion might be a younger guy because they like to explore more before going back to their breeding grounds when they are fully grown.

Many people are amazed by the Steller sea lion’s appearance among its smaller relatives in California. Even though they are not the same size, one brave California sea lion tries to look like its bigger friend. Experiences like this one-of-a-kind meeting show how amazing nature is, and they amaze people with how different animals can be

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