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Dog Won’t Give Up Until She Saves Her Brother From The Swimming Pool.

When Byron Thanarayen and his wife Melissa got back to their home in Boksburg, South Africa, recently, their 13-year-old Pomeranian called Chucky was strangely wet.

The couple wondered what had happened and thought that the dog had messed up the house by splashing around in his water bowl. When they couldn’t find any proof inside, they looked at their security footage to find out what their dogs had been doing.

When they saw what they saw, their blood ran cold. When Chucky tripped and fell into their outdoor pool, he was walking near it. The dog is so small that he couldn’t get a grip on the smooth walls of the pool. Instead, he tried to find a way out by paddling around the outside of the island.

After a few very scary minutes, the couple’s other dog showed up. Jessie is a 7-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier. She became very upset when she saw her brother fighting to keep his head above water. She began going around the edge of the pool, following Chucky as if to tell him not to give up.

Jessie tried to save her friend for 34 painful minutes. She tried over and over again to grab the smaller dog with her mouth, but Chucky kept getting away.

After several failed efforts, Jessie was finally able to grab Chucky by the scruff of his neck and pull him out of the pool. She even put a big paw on her friend’s back to hold him in place and make sure he didn’t fall back into the water.

When Byron and Melissa found out Jessie was a hero, they were so thankful for their sweet dog they couldn’t even say it. “It broke my heart to see it. It’s hard for us to watch that movie and think about what might have happened if Jessie hadn’t been there,” Byron said. “For being the youngest, she did a great job,” I said.

The family is now planning to put a pool cover on so that their pets will be safe. They are lucky to have a great life-dog on call in case something goes wrong.

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