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Volunteers dig through a metre of snow to find a dog that has been lost for four months.

A dog is our first choice if we want an animal to keep as a pet at home. The main reason is that dogs are the animals that are most like people. Their love is never-ending. They make sure to show love back to the people who show it to them. They are so adorable! They become good friends with the people who own them.

We can only think how scared and sad Russ’s mistress will be when she realises her beloved dog has gone missing. Only someone who has been there can understand what it’s like.

Her pet, a big black dog, got out of her Caldor, near South Lake, home during a fire about four months ago.

Russ’s boss, a nurse from California, is very upset when her dog runs away. She tried everything to find her loyal friend.

She sent planes to the area and told people that he was lost. But she had to leave her home because a huge fire broke out in the area and burned down thousands of acres and buildings.

She thought she wouldn’t see Russ ever again. But she finally smiled again four months after the dog went missing.
By chance, hikers in Colorado saw a dog that seemed lost and confused at Twin Peaks.The players said that the dog looked like it was stuck under the snow. But he barked at anyone who tried to get close.

Two volunteers, Leona Allen and Elsa Gaule climbed the mountain in temperatures below zero to get to the spot.

They did this by following the tracks in the snow, leading them to Russ, stuck under 1.5 metres of snow.

Leona says, “I looked under the tree with my light and saw a dark spot in the snow. I thought, ‘Oh my God, it’s the dog, and he’s gone. wish for.”

As people started shovelling snow away from him, he opened his eyes and watched. But didn’t get scared.

After their first try was successful, the volunteers went to get him right away and wrapped him in warm blankets. Then, Russ was taken to a vet, who luckily said he was fine.

Volunteers were able to get in touch with the desperate lover because they had an electronic chip. Volunteers took care of Russ until they could get him back.

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