You are currently viewing After losing her baby, a horse “adopts” an orphaned foal, which warms the hearts of 26 million people.

After losing her baby, a horse “adopts” an orphaned foal, which warms the hearts of 26 million people.

Animals love and care for their young just like people do. But sometimes there could be problems during childbirth.

Animals get hurt by the same things that hurt people. If her babies die after birth, the mother animal is also very sad. Some people look sad when they find out they have lost their children and keep looking for them.

In the Netherlands, a Friesian horse named Uniek was pregnant.

As soon as she began to give birth, she knew something was wrong. As she pranced around her stable, she worried about what was happening. Her owner, Yvonne, was soothing her.

Vets who helped Uniek give birth took out a foal that wasn’t breathing an hour after birth. They did everything possible to bring him back to life, but it didn’t work. He did not make it, which is sad.

Uniek was sad, so Yvonne, who stayed behind, comforted him.

The sad mare kept licking her dead foal to try to bring him back to life. As they took the foal out of Uneik’s barn, Yvonne kept trying to make him feel better. There was no doubt that her beloved horse was in a lot of pain.

The Friesian Horses team, which Yvonne is a part of, got great news. A friend told her that they were taking care of an abandoned foal.

Queen Uniek didn’t like the foal of another horse, but she thought it might be the answer to her sadness.

After being loaded, the foal was taken to their land in a car. Yvonne asked Uniek if he was interested in taking in the foal. Even though the baby didn’t have a mother, her son died. The barn was full of hope.

Yvonne slowly got Uniek used to the foal.

At first, people were pretty wary of each other. She sniffed back at the foal, and he did the same. When she saw the baby in front of her, she did a small dance as if she were taking him as her own.

“It was a one-of-a-kind event. I never thought that something like this would happen. Yvonne told The Dodo that we immediately knew that Queen Uniek would accept Rising Star.

Since then, Queen Uniek has never been away from Rising Star.

The next day, they found the sweet mother and son, and Uniek immediately became very protective of her adopted baby. She went everywhere with him. Uniek and Rising Star’s paths often crossed.

Rising Star was the happiest foal in the field that Yvonne had ever seen.

He ran around and played like any other young animal. Uniek stuck close to him and kept an eye on her child simultaneously.

You can watch a recording of Uneik meeting the foal here.

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