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AWESOME WILDLIFE BATTLE: A CAR Got Stuck Between Lions and Elephants

When going on a tour, you hope to get close to nature and see the animals clearly.

A motorcycle was caught between a group of lions and a big elephant in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

The little blue car couldn’t move because it was circled by almost a dozen members of Vurhami’s pride who were blocking its way, and a tusker elephant was in its way.

A woman in another car took pictures of the scary thing that happened while she was there.

A 59-year-old woman in the car in front of her who was taking pictures of the situation confirmed that the driver was not in danger.

She said, “Neither elephants nor lions were in the way, so my only worry was how long she would have to wait for the lions to move out of the way.”

“There was never any danger for the driver. The elephant didn’t even bother to look at it twice.

“On the other hand, both the car and the elephant scared the lions quite a bit.”

“I’ve seen lions and elephants block the road on their own, but never both simultaneously with a car stuck in between.”

The driver didn’t know who he or she was, but he or she quietly drove around the edge of the pride to get away from the slow-moving cats while the elephant walked slowly to the other side of the road.

Thanks to the big elephant crossing the street, the small car could turn around and get away from the lion pride.

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