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People are smarter than they think, as these 17 pictures show.

People have very creative minds. We use it every single day. It helps us figure out how to solve problems and meet our goals. What happens if you use it for more than just fixing short-term problems? This piece is about how people sometimes do creative things without realising how smart they are.

This bar doesn’t use plastic straws. Instead, they use pasta. At Least Someone Did It Right

A UNO belt made by a mother for the UNO championship

“Oh, they’re sitting on the fence!”

This is a group of people who care about their neighborhood. Find Out Something

05. This is some James Bond stuff from Natural Bridge

6. Take your sweet tooth to the next level

Technically speaking, he is “wearing” a mask. We Don’t Like Thought

08. Here’s a good reason to end your marriage

Do you see the fake grass, or not? It’s a bathroom for men. It showed how smart people can be.

10. This is a whole new level of being lazy.

11. These steps in a clinic will tell you exactly how many calories you burned when you climbed them. The words “Clinical Steps”

How would it feel to wear a cap if you had more hair?

13. How to soften milk containers so they can be used to hold cleaners? How Smart!

14. You can tell if someone has an artistic eye by the back of their car.

15. A manicure that’s just for you Look more closely

16. Promotion on the floor looks like a hundred dollar bill. A sure-fire way to make sure people see your ads

17. This suit is made of 333 soft toys. Coming in at 26 lb. But it’s not so light.

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