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25 funny pictures of vacation fails

What could be more relaxing than a trip after all the stress of work and life? We all love to take trips. It doesn’t matter if the break is short or long. It makes us feel good and ready to go back to our normal lives. When people are on vacation, they may use their cameras more, and sometimes they catch moments that they will never forget.

These 25 funny pictures show that things don’t always go as planned. No matter how ready they were, they couldn’t change the time when these pictures were taken. These pictures made them look like crabs and potato heads that had been in the sun too long, or the weather got in the way of the shot.

Have fun and scroll down to see the picture. You can tell us about funny things you did on vacation in the comments.

1. Wait A Second…

2. Clumsy Parents

3. Ouch

4. “First Time My Mom Came To Paris”

5. “You Don’t Have To Outrun The Bear, Just Your Brother”

6. “This Photo My Dad Took Of Me At Machu Picchu”

7. “Wife And I Visited The Eiffel Tower For Our Honeymoon”

8. “Jack, I’m–Ow!”

9. Beach Fun

10. “Thanks Tour Guide For Taking Such A Great Photo Of Everyone”

11. Let’s Fly!

12. “I Went Canoeing For The First Time…”

13. Bad Puppy!

14. Visited The Grand Canyon. Pictures Don’t Do It Justice

15. Photobomb Justice

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